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Industrial Laundry SPR-50 Extraction Press

The SPR-50 Extraction Press applies hydraulic pressure to loads exiting any type batch washer. In doing so, it efficiently presses linen into a round laundry cake. With high-capacity drainage facilities, water is extracted from the load quickly and gently—significantly shortening subsequent dry time and improving laundry productivity. From the SPR-50 Press, linen travels on conveyors and is automatically loaded into dryers. The SPR-50 is appropriate for all linen types.
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SPR-50 Flexibility and Programmability

Designed with a highly efficient oil-dynamic circuit, the SPR-50 offers multiple programmable hydraulic pressures from one to 40 bar. Highly programmable, the press offers 16 programs and control over pressure variables, including options for vapor barrier fabric. The SPR-50 single-stage press is available in three positioning options at the batch washer outlet: in-line, turns to the right, or turns to the left.

Continuous Washing System

When the SPR-50 is used as part of Girbau Industrial's Continuous Washing System – including the aTBS-50 Batch Washer, ST-100 Dryer and associated loading and shuttle conveyors – all components are seamlessly linked and controlled by the easy-to-use Central Control.

Water Reuse

Water extracted from the load by the press can be redirected for reuse in the TBS-50 Batch Washer—reducing water consumption and resulting costs.

Simple Installation & Maintenance

The SPR-50 is delivered completely assembled and factory tested, which facilitates problem-free installation. Most of the SPR-50's electrical components are the same as those used in theTBS-50 Batch Washer and ST-100 Batch Dryer. These interchangeable components make for economic and convenient servicing.

Built to Last

Durably constructed for years of trouble-free operation, the Press is backed by a two-year factory warranty. It features a self-guiding system; reception basket guided on a single column for precise self-centering; a water filled membrane that delivers even pressue during the pressing process; and a durable membrane that is fully reinforced for long life and the rigors of constant use.


Special software that allows for variable pressure build-up
Extended transport belt for special angle version


  • programmable hydraulic pressures from one to 40 bar
  • 16 programs including options for vapor barrier fabric
  • three positioning options at the batch washer outlet
  • water re-use interface with TBS-50 Batch Washer
  • utilizes interchangeable components with TBS-50 and ST-100
  • backed by a two-year factory warranty


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