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Industrial Laundry Continuous Batch Tunnel Washers – TBS-50

Girbau Industrial Batch Tunnel Washers are the flagship of the Continuous Batch Washing System. Available in 5- to 12-modules, each with 110 pounds of capacity, it processes up to 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour! The Batch Tunnel Washer seamlessly and automatically integrates with loading and unloading conveyors, Water Extraction Presses and Dryers. Highly configurable, the Batch Tunnel Washer is ingeniously flexible to meet the labor, efficiency and productivity needs of virtually any medium- to high-production laundry operation.

Less costly and simpler to install than comparable machines on the market, the Batch Tunnel Washer uses considerably less water and energy, runs quietly, boosts productivity, cuts labor, and delivers a quality wash for any fabric type.
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TBS-50 Flexible to Meet Any Laundry Need

The earmark of the Girbau Industrial Batch Tunnel Washer is its flexibility. Superior programmability along with its series of identical, highly flexible wash modules, allows for infinite configurability to meet specific laundry needs. Each module is individually programmable and can include inlets for water, chemicals, drainage, temperature probes and more. Steam inlets and chemical ports can also be added years after installation. Girbau Industrial's sales engineering team can custom configure the system's features at the time of order, or months or years after installation to meet future needs. Girbau Industrial's Batch Tunnel Washer is quite possibly the most flexible tunnel washer on the market.

Modular Design with Inner & Outer Drum

It features a modular inner and outer drum system with separate baths for each module—providing great efficiency and washing flexibility. The inner-outer drum construction of every module allows for total control over water temperature and levels, duration of the wash cycle, mechanical action, bath partitions, rapid draining, chemical injection, closing parameters and more. Moreover, each module is programmable to perform a complete bath exchange when necessary. By comparison, single-drum batch washers require more space and modules to properly wash laundry. Other manufacturers' single-drum washers also require preheating and do not allow for total control of chemicals, steam, baths and drainage in each module—limiting their flexibility.

Unrivaled Mechanical Action

Superior mechanical action within each module ensures unrivaled cleaning results. By using the right mechanical action, water and chemical consumption can also be reduced. Thanks to its top-transfer design, the Batch Tunnel Washer delivers mechanical action similar to a high-performance, front-load washer. Goods are moved up and along the sides of the drum, using a maximum inversion angle of 270 degrees (inversion angle is programmable), before dropping to the bottom. Excellent mechanical action translates to a superior clean.

Top Transfer Eliminates Mixing of Baths from Module to Module

The Batch Tunnel Washer features a wide, top-transfer opening at every module. This assures laundry passes from one module to another without mixing baths. During transfers from module to module, sensors monitor and confirm conditions are met for transferring the load without tie-ups. Our system never jams when operated according to manufacturer recommendations. Laundry progresses through each of the washer's identical 110-pound capacity modules, where it is soaked, pre-washed, washed and rinsed according to each precisely programmed module.

Requires Less Water and Energy

The Batch Tunnel Washer reuses water at specific points during the wash process. The freshest rinse water is used on the cleanest linen to ensure pristine wash results. Once the linens are rinsed, the used rinse water is redirected to a holding tank and used a second time to wash another load of soiled linens. The Batch Tunnel Washer can recycle water up to three times.

Traceability and Disinfection

The Batch Tunnel Washer is configurable to properly clean and disinfect soiled goods—critical for laundry processed for hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Steam injectors and intermediate filter tanks work to ensure particles from the rinse cycle aren't recovered and reused during the wash process. The washer's independent water level and chemical modules totally permeate linens at the temperatures and conditions required to properly disinfect laundry. Each module has the option for a steam inlet, and the outer drums of each module ensure proper chemical dosing at every stage of the cleaning process. Chemical dosing and water are automatically adjusted to perfectly fit the load's weight—eliminating chemical overuse or underuse and resulting damage to fabrics.

Superior Control & Programmability

Individually, the Batch Tunnel Washer is programmable by module for water temperature and levels, duration of the wash cycle, mechanical action, bath partitions, rapid draining, chemical dosing, closing parameters and more. Offering detailed management over the wash process, the control is easy to use and offers a clear graphic display showing real-time data. It allows users to manage more than 999 client accounts and offers 99 washing programs. Real-time data regarding the wash process is viewable from the main screen, and from easily accessed sub-screens: view program, customer, loads, water temperatures, chemical injection, cycle time and productions.

Gentle on Linen

Each module features a smooth drum surface and transfer blade for extended linen life. The funnel design of the drum's pressed perforations makes the surface smooth, without any rough edges to damage linen.

Reduced Maintenance & Installation Costs

When compared to other tunnels on the market, not only is the Girbau Industrial Batch Tunnel Washer less expensive to install, it requires less maintenance thanks to its unique design. It is transportable fully assembled within a single standard container or trailer—lowering shipping costs. Because it's pre-assembled, installation is completed in considerably less time—saving money. Its dual-drum design means the Batch Tunnel Washer uses considerably less space than single-drum models.

Thanks to straightforward engineering, the Batch Tunnel Washer is a proven performer requiring less maintenance—reducing downtime and production loss. The vortex-type pumps have no filters and do not, as a result, require filter cleaning like most tunnel washers. Additionally, the Batch Tunnel Washer's transmission features a centralized automatic lubrication system, minimizing maintenance, and the motor drive is externally located away from moist areas to eliminate breakdowns. The chassis is constructed with steel profiles finished in durable epoxy paint. Additionally, any materials that come in contact with laundry are constructed of AISI-304 stainless steel.

Remote Technical Support from Girbau Industrial

It's easier than ever to troubleshoot technical problems thanks to remote support. Remote support provides immediate online help, remote maintenance advice and distance troubleshooting. This service helps reduce downtime and lost productivity by getting your equipment up and running more quickly.

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