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Industrial Laundry Pass-Through Dryers

The Perfect Combination of Features and Efficiency

Offering unsurpassed efficiency, productivity and ease-of-use, ST model dryers (ST-100 at 265-pound capacity for double cakes and ST-1300 at 140-pound capacity for single cakes) work seamlessly as part of the Continuous Batch Washing System. Each model offers Spirotilt Technology for automated unloading without dryer tilting. Once laundry "cakes" are loaded into the open dryers, they are untangled, conditioned and/or dried. Continuous Batch Pass-Through Dryers are available in gas, steam, or thermal fluid heat and no heat tumble only.

Product Details – ST-1300 (up to 140-pound capacity)
Product Details – ST-100 (up to 265-pound capacity)

Spirotilt Technology

A patented system, Spirotilt combines a slight drum incline with interior drum blades to ensure laundry items do not clump and bind during drying. Thanks to unique engineering, Spirotilt delivers automated unloading without dryer tilting. The Spirotilt system ensures the best combination of drying results and seamless unloading, with fewer moving parts and virtually no maintenance.

The Drying Phase

During the drying process, the dryer drum rotates on an incline in a clockwise direction. Blades inside the drum force laundry at the back of the cylinder toward the front, achieving proper load separation and even airflow through the load. The load is balanced along the length of the drum resulting in unmatched drying. Spirotilt does not use gaskets to facilitate the drying process, and as a result, eliminates unnecessary gasket maintenance.

Automated Unloading

During the unloading process, the dryer drum rotates counterclockwise on the same incline. The incline of the drum works with the interior drum blades to move the load toward the bottom of the cylinder for automated unloading. Thanks to Spirotilt technology, air pollution production and heat loss are drastically minimized during the unloading phase.

The Spirotilt Difference

Unlike the ST-100 and the ST-1300, some dryers feature a drum that stays in the horizontal position to eliminate laundry clumping, but during the unloading process, use the airflow of the fan to unload the laundry. This system releases heat and lint into the laundry area and triggers unnecessary cool-down of the dryer. Other dryers are designed with a tilt system for unloading, but those require flexible gas, steam and exhaust connections that can lead to multiple breakdowns and leaks. Other models use gaskets to keep laundry balanced throughout the cylinder, but those gaskets require regular maintenance. The Spirotilt system ensures the best combination of drying results and seamless unloading, with fewer moving parts and less maintenance.

Automated Lint Filter Cleaning

All Girbau Industrial Continuous Batch Pass-Through Dryers feature automated lint filter cleaning that supports maximum airflow and quick, efficient drying. During the unloading process, if the system detects that the filter needs cleaning, it automatically activates the filter cleaning process and removes the lint to the exterior, without interrupting the drying process.

Proven Construction, Durability and Longevity

Girbau Industrial Dryers are designed for unmatched longevity. They feature steel sides finished in durable paint for corrosion resistance. Dryer components that come in contact with laundry are constructed of AISI-304 stainless steel to reduce friction—extending linen life. The robust drum, supported by a set of guide wheels, delivers silent operation and years of no-hassle use. As an optional feature, the drum's interior can be coated with Teflon® to prevent any plastics, inadvertently mixed with the laundry, from adhering to the drum as a result of high temperatures.

Optional Vacuum Loading

ST model dryers feature a patented Vacuum Loading System as an option for drying loads from open-pocket washers. The system allows operators to quickly load items without the need for a conveyor. A powerful suction pulls items inward, with no risk to attendants. In less than one minute, attendants fully load the dryer. From the same area, items are then automatically unloaded.

Infrared Temperature Sensing

Standard on gas and optional on steam/thermal fluid models, Girbau Industrial's Infrared Temperature Sensing (ITS) system reduces over-drying and resulting fabric damage. It works by using sensors located at the dyer inlet and exhaust, and in the cylinder. The sensors monitor real-time temperatures throughout the entire cycle. When the load has reached its preset target level of dryness, the sensors shut the dryer off—saving energy, time and resulting labor costs.

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