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Industrial Laundry Shuttle Lifting Conveyors

Girbau Industrial Shuttle Lifting Conveyors automatically move pressed "cakes" of laundry into up to six dryers. The Shuttle Lifting Conveyors – available to fit the specific needs of any high-volume laundry – feature one or two 43.3 x 50.4 inch loading tables capable of loading 220 pounds of laundry.

CE Conveyor – 1 Dryer
CED Conveyor – 2-6 Dryers
CEDD Double Conveyor – 1-6 Dryers

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CEED Central Control

The TBS-50 Batch Washer's CEE Central Control seamlessly links and controls all components of the Girbau Industrial Continuous Batch Washing System. An Ethernet-type industrial network centralizes the information from all system components – conveyors, Batch Washer, SPR-50 Press and ST-100 Dryer – and details the information on a computer display for easy management and control. It allows users to manage more than 999 client accounts and offers 99 individual washing programs. The Central Control's computer system allows users to run control reports detailing production, temperature, dosing, pump flow, mechanical action/cycle, press pressure, drying programs, customer screens descriptions, diagnostics, records of alarms and more. All data is exportable in spreadsheet form using MS Excel.

  • Control system display screen and printer available
  • Control system electrical wiring is designed to fit the type of signal transmitted to avoid interferences
  • Central Control manages operations of every component of the laundry system (batch washers, presses, dryers and conveyors)
  • Simple-to-use graphic display allows for efficient management with a click of a mouse
  • Connection with technical assistance
  • Maintenance program instructions and logs inspection dates


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