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Building a new coin laundry business can be a daunting process requiring expertise over a broad range of issues and Gauch can help. From planning, to proforma reports, to financing referrals, marketing, signage, and ongoing service, our network of experts will be your strongest asset.

Our experience

If you are an experienced owner you know that aging, undependable machines are not only expensive to run and repair, but also environmentally challenging, consuming more energy and water than necessary. We can modernize your facility with our complete line of both hard and soft mount machines and dryers, matching them with your unique situation. Our soft mount washer-extractors achieve the highest G-forces in the industry and do not require being bolted to the floor.

Soup to nuts – Gauch can help

Gauch also supplies ancillary equipment including change machines, soap vending machines, and payment systems ranging from coin to card to mobile app.

Maximize your profitability

New or not, large or small, maximize your profitability by putting Gauch’s combination of resources and experience to work for you.

Coin-Operated Installations

Wash Quarters Laundromat, Walden NY

Forester Ave Laundry, Warwick, NY

Automatic Soap Injection

Universal Laundromat, Coxsackie, NY

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We’d love to hear from you! Contact us for a Commercial Laundry Equipment quote or to ask any questions using the form. Our service team members look forward to helping you find solutions for all your commercial laundry needs.