Gauch Distributing – Laundry Equipment for the Industrial Market

Gauch meets high volume industrial market demands

High volume industrial operations can rely on Gauch to specify and maintain the equipment they need for meeting market demands. We offer a complete range of industrial products engineered to work seamlessly together. Our soft mount line includes 130 and 255 lb. capacity models with the highest spin rates and G-force ratings in the industry, producing maximum moisture removal and cutting dry times by up to 50%.

Continuous batch wash and finishing systems, open pocket washers and dryers

For larger operators such as linen rental services, institutional laundries and industrial plants, Gauch offers highly programmable continuous batch tunnel washing systems, open-pocket washers and dryers, feeders, ironers, folders, stackers and all necessary ancillary machinery.

Catapult throughput and curb operational costs

We work closely with administrators and staff to achieve the throughput and quality standards required, while hitting economic goals of initial investment and operational costs.

Industrial Installations

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